San Martín emerged as a result of a series of specific events.
On November 20, 1869, Mr. José Álvarez de Toledo y Silva, Duque of Medina Sidonia, sold several plots of land to the Marqués of Larios including the land in Montenegral Bajo. The first irrigation channels were built in 1872 and the first colony settlements started to arrive in the area. This increase in number of population had its effect in 1879, with the declaration and creation of the Tesorillo Rural Colony. The construction of new irrigation channels was approved in 1882; the summer home of the Larios family was also built that year. Later in 1887, this plot and several others became property of Sociedad Industrial y Agricola del Guadiario and the colony was renamed San Martín del Tesorillo.

San Martín del Tesorillo is located next to Sotogrande and the large Cazorla and Grazalema natural parks; it is a privileged valley between mountain and beach. At the base of the Ronda mountains and bathed by the Guadiaro and Hozgarganta rivers, it is the best place to go if you are looking for nature. Surrounded by orange fields, golf courses and polo fields, it is ideal for resting and the most desirable entertainment for travellers willing to rest under the best views of Andalusian sky.

Read this interesting article in the National Heritage magazine on the area:
From Miramar to Guadacorte. British influence in the leisure architecture of the Gibraltar Field.
By Ana Aranda Bernal.

Download here.

Recomended books:
"La Arquitectura inglesa en el Campo de Gibraltar" by Ana Aranda Bernal (pdf)

"Hounds are Home. The History of the Royal Calpe Hunt" by Gordon Fergusson (pdf)

If you are interested in the Lario's family and their history, take a look at this two very interesting articles in Spanish:
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Other houses property of the Larios family in the surroundings: Guadacorte y Monte de la Torre (images 5 and 6 in the gallery).

>>Another of our projects in the area is San Lorenzo de Montenegral and Dehesa de Montenegral (video)

>> Map with places for sports leisure and beaches in the area.





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